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A: Yes. When we advise you on what security system is best for you we will also discuss different ways for it to be configured or designed. This includes:

  • Understanding your security needs and lifestyle
  • Recommending where sensors and key pads are placed
  • Assessing the need for independent motion and contact sensors.
A: This is a device that detects when a door or window is opened before sending a signal that reaches the security system control panel for immediate relay back to the Matrix Security call centre. There are two parts to this device – the switch which is installed in the door or window itself and the magnet that signals when it moves ‘out of contact’ with the switch.
A: This is a device that is mounted on a wall or ceiling and is triggered by sound or vibration. The sensor can detect the sound or shock waves of glass breaking and immediately sends a signal back to the control panel for relay to the Matrix Security call centre.
A: This is a device that detects the movement of heat – whether human, animal or environment. The source just has to pass underneath or near to the sensor and a signal is sent back to the control panel for relay to the Matrix Security call centre.
A: When a smoke detector is linked to a security system it is integrated within your overall home security system. This means that not only is smoke detected but a signal is sent to the control panel for relay to the Matrix Security call centre. The signal from a smoke detector activation is easy to identify and usually results in the Fire Service being called.
A: Alarm monitoring is where signals concerning the status of an alarm system are sent over the telephone lines to the Matrix Security call centre. Our computer evaluates and manages all the signals and displays any ‘action required’ signals on an operators screen. A call centre operator is on hand 24 x 7 to manage these signals and provide the required action – be it a simple phone call or immediately dispatch a guard to your premises.
A: Your alarm system can be programmed to send us a test signal on a frequent basis. If the signal fails to get through (due to overloading, line failure, or a fault in the alarm) then two things happen:

  • Your alarm code pad will display a fault warning.
  • At our call centre we will receive a warning message and a Matrix Security employee will perform further tests, and can contact you regarding the issue.
A: Monitoring guarantees a response! When the alarm is activated people in your neighbourhood may ignore it, or not even be in the area!

But, a monitored alarm means you can enjoy piece of mind knowing your family is safe because you have the extra tranche of cover, be it a panic facility, the ability to call for assistance or a guard being dispatched to your premises the instant your alarm is activated.