We often see the effect of our work in the community when crime is prevented but it’s also nice to have recognition within the security industry. Thanks to the New Zealand Security Association(NZSA) for their praise of our “very high standards” following a recent audit!

So often you read or hear of companies coming and going from the marketplace, so it is important that you are assured that the decision and promises made to you in the beginning still stand true for today, tomorrow and the future.   Matrix Security voluntarily undergoes regular independent audits on everything from our financial management, workplace safety and security industry codes of practise.  This ensures our customers can relax in the knowledge that just as they are safe and secure – so are we!

In the last few months we have passed our Workplace Safety Management Practices audit (once again retaining tertiary accreditation) and our New Zealand Security Association audits on our alarm monitoring, patrols, guarding and alarm installation/servicing performance are leading the industry.

Receiving the following compliment from the New Zealand Security Association who recognised and acknowledged the high standards set and maintained by Matrix Security and its staff is great for everyone.

Time and again different auditors are impressed by just how well Matrix Security people go about their daily work. The security industry is not always known for high standards, with far too many companies running cut-price operations.”

It’s always great to hear how the work done by our team makes a real difference in the industry and in the day to day lives of our customers!