As Technology evolves and we move to fibre connections instead of traditional copper, education is critical as we are bombarded on what we can now see and do for ourselves.

It is not until there is a situation that we think about who is able and prepared to attend at a moments notice.  The Health and Safety at Work Act provides legal guidelines as to the employer’s responsibility ensuring worker safety but what about at home, is it really any different?  Do we want our family, friends, neighbours or even ourselves to attend in the off chance it may not be an intruder?

It is so handy to be able to set and unset your alarm remotely, be notified of an intruder activation and even see what is happening through camera sensor technology.

But who attends and checks your property is safe and secure?

This is when it is so important to have a timely and professional response plan in place. Peace of mind is about having a high tech and comprehensive security response plan.