COVID-19 Traffic Light System Update: Our Response to COVID



The Shield

THE CEO’S MESSAGE As we enter 2022, we have invested time reflecting on the past year and, more importantly, to where we are headed as a business. While some facets of the workplace have changed permanently, many aspects of our business remain unchanged. We have been responsive to ever-changing needs of customers while keeping [...]

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7 Ways to Improve your Business’ Physical Security

Having robust physical security can help you keep your people, clients, IP and assets safe. It allows you to maintain the trust and confidence of the people and businesses you serve or collaborate with. The right strategy can help you protect your reputation and profitability. A comprehensive workplace security strategy is important in that [...]

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COVID-19 Response

We believe when faced with adversity, it’s essential to meet it head-on. Which is why we have pre-planned and promptly actioned our detailed Crisis Management Plan in response to COVID-19. Our response, however, is not one of alarm, but of assurance to you.   What We’re Doing: The government is including security services as essential [...]

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C Level Suite Announcement

Matrix Security Group, a premium provider of security services and technology to both commercial and residential customers, has announced enhancements to its Executive team structure. Matrix Security Group advise the changes have been implemented as a result of continued rapid growth and a commitment to ongoing investment in security technology, solutions and people. With [...]

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System maintenance offers maximum security protection

A well-maintained security system supported by an accredited monitoring and communications centre is essential to the smooth running of your business. Alongside professional patrol response, these services will minimise business interruption caused by theft, criminal damage, the threat of fire, or other emergencies. Matrix Security designs personalised security solutions to help protect property, people and [...]

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Speed Crucial in Response to Mall Fire

During February, a fire at an Auckland Outlet Mall threatened the livelihood of store owners and staff. It was the professional alarm system and response plans in place that averted what was a potentially devastating fire as it was able to be extinguished in its early stages. The fire occurred shortly before midnight, caused by [...]

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Offender Found in Toilet Cubicle

An attempt to rob a Community Aquatic Centre on Tuesday went terribly wrong for the amateur offender. Matrix Security Patrol Officers attended following a multiple activation very early in the morning at an Aquatic Centre.  They identified the entry point and soon realized the offender was likely still nearby so proceeded to search the building. [...]

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