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THE CEO’S MESSAGE As we enter 2022, we have invested time reflecting on the past year and, more importantly, to where we are headed as a business. While some facets of the workplace have changed permanently, many aspects of our business remain unchanged. We have been responsive to ever-changing needs of customers while keeping [...]

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How to Protect Your Home this Festive Season

As summer holidays and Christmas festivities are quickly approaching, now’s the time to ensure your home security is up-to-date and your insurance policies are carefully read. Many insurance companies provide a discount if your home is professionally monitored. With Matrix protection and safety services in place, you can look forward to creating those precious holiday [...]

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Green Reflector Service Home Security – Above and Beyond

Home Security Service Really Delivers Crime operates around the clock, and is not bound to suburb or street. Which is why home security needs to lead from the front – to keep families and neighbourhoods safe and assured. Matrix Security’s Green Reflector Service is a response to this ever-growing need for all-inclusive integrated protection: [...]

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Cancelling your landline? Or planning a renovation?

If you are considering cancelling your landline while planning a renovation project or changing over to ultra fast broadband, it’s a good idea to check whether your home security system will work without it. Traditional alarm systems use an analogue connection to send signals down the old copper phone-lines to the Matrix Security call centre. [...]

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Party Crashers Invite Trouble

Young adults barred from a private party in Remuera were determined not to leave quietly. Protecting invited guests and neighbouring properties from the behavior that followed involved excellent co-operation by our Patrol and Guarding teams. It wasn’t an easy night with the Guards stationed at the party having to call for assistance from Matrix Security [...]

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Local hero saves the day

A recent unsuccessful burglary attempt in Epsom just goes to show how smart security and working in partnership with the Police can thwart hapless thieves. The additional security of a 24hr on-call Green Reflector Service is becoming increasingly sought after, as burglaries are nearly three times more likely to happen when you are away from [...]

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Car Thief Caught

While most security companies are largely reactive, Matrix Security has built its reputation on being proactive and looking after the wider community it serves. On a recent routine patrol, a Matrix Security Officer received a call from a North Shore parking warden advising him of a suspicious vehicle. Whilst attending the carpark he was quick [...]

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