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Green Reflector Service Home Security – Above and Beyond

Home Security Service Really Delivers Crime operates around the clock, and is not bound to suburb or street. Which is why home security needs to lead from the front – to keep families and neighbourhoods safe and assured. Matrix Security’s Green Reflector Service is a response to this ever-growing need for all-inclusive integrated protection: [...]

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2020 NZ Security Awards – congratulations!

Patrol Officer of the Year: Michael McCormack - Matrix Security Group Ltd The New Zealand Security Association held the industry annual awards via a live stream last Friday evening. Matrix Security is delighted that Michael McCormack, a patrol officer at Cornwall Park, was announced as Patrol Officer of the Year. Edith Swetman, a guard [...]

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Generating Living Wage Security

Matrix Security and Genesis Energy leading the wage Every New Zealander is deserving of a life well lived – and a workplace that supports that right. Fortunately, the uptake for Living Wage accreditation by Kiwi companies is fast growing, and the outcome positive for both employers and employees alike. Partnering with businesses who see [...]

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Matrix Security Officers Provide Business with Greater Confidence

Auckland Business Break In Highlights Superior Actions of Matrix Security Officers In an hour of need – home or workplace – the services of security officers that excel in their roles is essential for both property and property owner. Sentiments shared by Mike Brunton of Portacom who credits the quick thinking, and exceptional communications [...]

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Community Support Helps Identify Burglary Suspects

A recent increase in the number of complex and serious burglaries in the central Auckland area have had many people on edge over the last few months, so we’ve been working hard to provide extra vigilance. After we received camera images of those involved in one of the burglaries, and likely responsible for many others, [...]