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We install and service alarm systems designed to meet your home and business needs. Using the latest in security technology you can now download and manage your home or commercial security via the ‘Paradox Insite Gold‘ app, available on the App Store & Google Play Store. Matrix Security are experts in alarm systems NZ, get in touch with our friendly team today.

Gem Visa Finance

For a quality installation with flexible payment terms you can pay with Gem Visa. Get 6 months interest free on any purchase over $250.
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Camera Technology

Cameras have come a long way in the past 20 years. They’re now more affordable, visible and accessible than ever before, whether you’re considering one for your home, your business, or your commercial or industrial premises.

As a business, health and safety will be a priority – cameras give you oversight to ensure safe practices are being followed even when you are not on site.

Camera functionality includes:

  • long distance vision
  • wider lens
  • internal and external
  • accessibility from phone, tablet or personal computer.

Talk to one of our advisers today to select the right one. Give us a call or fill out the Services Request Form.

Access Control Systems

Historically, access control systems were used only by big business buildings and apartments, but more and more homes and small to medium sized businesses are moving away from keys to access control. They provide a better level of control and visibility of visitors, without having to change locks.

Gate Intercoms

The cost of gate intercoms meant the privacy and control they offer used to only be accessible to large businesses or apartment blocks. What was designed for big business can be now tailored to the home and small business. The peep hole at the door has been surpassed by the visibility and control of an intercom at the front gate. With a gate intercom, you can provide access to visitors as and when required, or talk to someone from afar.

Fog Cannon

A PROTECT Fog Cannon can fill a room with a dense security fog, so the intruder can’t see anything. Stop theft in seconds! When your business has a specific high-risk product such as jeweller, cigarettes, smart phones etc then the Fog Cannon may be just what you need. You can see from the video that in less than a minute in a smash and grab thousands of dollars can literally walk out of your shop or warehouse. While the Security Patrol Officer is on their way, what can you do to minimise further your loss? Consider the Fog Cannon as it may just be the answer you were looking for.

The Fog Cannon leaves no residue and the fog is completely harmless to humans, animals, clothing, furnishings, IT and electrical equipment.

Check out the videos below to see The PROTECT Fog Cannon in action:

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