A recent increase in the number of complex and serious burglaries in the central Auckland area have had many people on edge over the last few months, so we’ve been working hard to provide extra vigilance. After we received camera images of those involved in one of the burglaries, and likely responsible for many others, we shared them on social media to help the victims and police identify those responsible.

The response was incredible and within days police had confirmed the identity of one suspect.

While the loss of possessions, distress and sense of insecurity to burglary victims can’t be undone it’s encouraging to see so many people willing to help in situations like this.

Recent feedback from a Remuera resident bolstered the spirits of our staff who were working to catch those responsible:

“The prompt response of your team, both on the phone and the physical attendance at our house, was outstanding. We understand the dangers of having to confront burglars on a property and we certainly appreciate the efforts your staff went to.”

“Your people do a great job-always dealing with drama. We certainly appreciate their efforts and do want to say that they should always ensure their safety, not tangle with these undesirables. Property can be repaired—though they did do some pretty serious damage. Appreciate your service and the people that work for you.”

Thank you everyone for your continued support. For up to date information or to help us identify any future suspects follow us on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Matrix-Security-199400437063041/