To our Matrix Security community,

We believe when faced with adversity, it’s essential to meet it head-on. Which is why over the recent period we’ve continued to build on our existing Crisis Management Plan in response to the changing COVID-19 environment. This has been even more important as a response to the onset of Omicron in New Zealand communities.

What We’re Doing:

The government is including security services as essential services, so rest assured we remain available to continue security operations. All employees who hold a current security license (Certificate of Approval) will be covered under the essential service designation. This covers security officers, security technicians, security consultants and alarm monitoring operators. We do not believe there will be any restrictions to the services being provided by those staff (for example, technicians can still perform installations as well as servicing).
Even under pressure we believe we are prepared to meet essential services, although naturally call waiting times and patrol schedules may come under some pressure. In the event our workforce is impacted significantly by the requirement for employees self-isolate through contact with, or contracting of, Omicron, we have developed robust contingency plans which if deployed, will be communicated to impacted customers. We will also be updating this page with significant developments.
Crisis or not, communication is key across the board, as is building greater community Crisis or not, communication is key across the board, as is building greater community awareness. So, we’re continually gathering information and delivering on additional measures where they’re needed most, this includes . . .

Reviewing service delivery to ensure we continue to deliver upon our customers’ requirements, and making adjustments where necessary.
Liaising with any potentially risky customers – for example those based in and around medical centres, hospitals, schools, critical infrastructure.
Communicating with key contacts regarding any additional procedures they’re involved with that we should be aware of, and assuring them of our ongoing support and service to them and those around them.
We’re in close communication with all our supply and service relationships, especially IT, uniforms, vehicles and maintenance and essential supplies, and putting measures in place to mitigate any interruptions or risks.

Your Peace of Mind:

Peace of mind comes from knowing your family, home, business, staff and assets are being protected and monitored by a responsive, trusted and proactive hand – at all times. Here’s how we’re keeping spirits high and our operations moving . . .

Best-practise hygiene is being strictly adhered to and we’re communicating with our teams and customers from a safe social distance in accordance with the NZ Ministry of Health requirements.

We’re minimising all non-essential meetings – internally and externally, confirming all remote working situations are in place and operational and ensuring our communication channels stay open across all teams and work pathways – no one has to go it alone.

We’re staying positive – sharing smiles and stories – and ensuring those we work with and for are feeling comfortable enough to speak up and out about  anything that is concerning them.

Regardless of time, length and severity of COVID-19 spread, we have a collective responsibility to our team, our customers and their operations to ensure all our people are kept safe and are feeling secure.

Rest assured we will stay abreast of all COVID-19 developments around-the-clock, and follow the lead of the government, WHO and the NZ Ministry of Health as situations present and change.

We urge in the meantime that if you have any concerns, questions or calls for assistance to contact your usual account managers or email us at or telephone our Call Centre on (09) 579 1567.

Keep safe.

Best wishes,

Scott Carter, CEO

Matrix Security Group