Property damage is often caused by opportune criminal activity in an attempt to steal items. Intoxicated individuals lacking respect for their surroundings can be equally unpredictable and dangerous. A charity store in Glen Innes recently experienced this first hand, as did our responding patrol.

Shortly after 10.30pm on a Thursday evening a Matrix Security patrol officer was sent to check on a charity store following an activation from their alarm system. Upon arrival the officer found a large front window of the store had been smashed and two intoxicated people who appeared to have caused the damage were arguing nearby. The pair remained distracted by their own dispute while the officer waited for back up. Soon after they turned their anger towards the patrol vehicle, breaking the passenger door window before fleeing in opposite directions. Police and back up patrols arrived shortly after and thanks to information given by the patrol officer and another witness the police quickly tracked down and apprehended one of the suspects.

It was thanks to a comprehensive alarm system, including glass-break sensors and 24/7 alarm monitoring that our call-Centre and prompt patrol response was alerted of the damage and stopped anyone entering or stealing from the premises. The outcome has saved the charity much needed money and time through minimizing damage and loss, especially as they rely on the community for support.