No one patrols and protects Auckland’s schools the way we do!

Recently some proactive work by a Matrix security officer and our call centre led to the thwarting of a crime spree at an East Auckland college. Due to a recent rise in vandalism during the school holidays, the college had requested to have a Matrix Security guard over a long weekend.  This turned out to be just what they needed.

As the officer was patrolling the school grounds one evening he saw a suspicious looking person walking through the school. Immediately after sighting him, the officer received communication from our call centre that the alarms had been activated in multiple locations at the school.

The officer immediately intercepted the intruder and promptly requested for police attendance. Once they arrived, a thorough check of the school ensured all buildings were fully re-secured.

Maintaining the safety of buildings and people is a big issue for schools nationwide. Increasingly many of Auckland’s schools entrust Matrix Security to keep an eye on their facilities and the safety of students and teachers alike.