While finishing an early morning unlock, a Matrix Security Patrol Officer noticed an elderly woman in her pyjamas at the nearby bus stop. It was a chilly Sunday morning so the Officer immediately went to check on the woman and found she was lost and quite confused.

She was invited to sit in the patrol car and warm up while the team tried to find her home. Unfortunately, she could not recall her name or address.

Contact Centre staff called the nearby Aged Care Home to see if they knew her. They did not so the police were called to help.

As it was likely she hadn’t walked far, a police officer asked her about some nearby addresses. One sounded familiar so it was decided to drive her around the area in the Patrol Officers vehicle to see if anything looked familiar.

The police began to knock on doors to see if anyone knew the woman and luckily, the man who answered the first door did. It was his wife, he had just woken to realise she wasn’t in bed and was very glad to see her.

After making sure everyone was settled, the police thanked the Patrol Officer as her attention and kindness were crucial in getting this woman home safely.