In November, Matrix Security officers demonstrating vigilance, initiative and team work raised the alarm about a fire in a garage behind a home in South Auckland.

First to identify the fire from a neighbouring guard site, our security officer quickly notified emergency services. Fortunately, a second supervisory officer was conducting a welfare visit to the guard when this happened and was able to attend the scene of the fire. He woke the occupants of the home and helped them evacuate to safety while awaiting emergency services to arrive. Tragically, the fire was quick to spread and one man, who was pulled out by emergency services, lost his life.

Read the full article in the New Zealand Herald.

Our thoughts are with the victim’s family and community. We continue to support the use of smoke detectors as early warning devices to save lives and property. If you have battery operated smoke alarms, please ensure you regularly check and replace the batteries, and consider adding a smoke detector to your existing alarm system.