Matrix Security and Genesis Energy leading the wage

Every New Zealander is deserving of a life well lived – and a workplace that supports that right. Fortunately, the uptake for Living Wage accreditation by Kiwi companies is fast growing, and the outcome positive for both employers and employees alike.

Partnering with businesses who see the value in ensuring every employee is paid a fair wage – one that covers their basic needs, necessities, everyday living and community activities – is a core focus for Matrix Security.

And, one such company is New Zealand’s largest electricity provider, Genesis Energy, whose Huntly power station is not only powering New Zealand but empowering its entire fleet by providing them all with a Living wage – including its Matrix Security officer contractors.

Positive change for people – not just pay packets

Creating positive change across all workspaces and industries is at the core of Living Wage accreditation. And, within the security sector, it’s a necessary measure that we need to see more of, says Scott Carter, CEO of Matrix Security.

“Historically, it’s not an industry that’s prioritised such wage measures – but it needs to happen and be more transparent. Providing the Living Wage ensures everyone feels valued, cared for, and workplace loyalty and morale remain high,” he explains. “Genesis Energy was our first major customer to initiate a move to the Living Wage – we see this as a huge leap forward our industry.”

And, Genesis Energy too, are proud to have the support and service of responsible businesses, committed to positive growth. “The addition of the Living Wage to our operations, reinforces to all our work staff just how valuable they are and how committed we are to them for the long-term,” says Rob Rope, procurement business partner of Genesis Energy. “It’s yet another positive for our Huntly Power station which has undergone much proactivity across the past decade – including the significant reduction of carbon emissions.”

Opening new doors

Partnerships, like that of Genesis and Matrix Security, aren’t just leading the wage – they’re leading the way. Ongoing commitment and support for the living wage is encouraging other businesses to join the movement – and it’s driving new business opportunities their way.

“We (Matrix Security) were subsequently awarded a significant new contract with an international firm who saw value in this move by Matrix Security with Genesis Energy, and who then also incorporated the Living Wage standard across their service agreement,” -explains Scott.

Responsibility to care

Choosing to affiliate with Living Wage accredited businesses doesn’t just ensure their security officers are paid fairly, it reinforces Matrix Security’s position as a responsible industry leader, and affords greater steps forward for the security industry as a whole.

“Our industry is continually targeted by government for improvements in wages and working conditions,” explains Scott.

“Corporate leadership by companies such as Genesis Energy is warmly welcomed by us in our own sector leadership efforts.”

Genesis Energy echoes similar sentiments. “As a business – no matter how big or small – to truly foster workplaces that encourage productivity, dedication, wellbeing – mental and physical – you need to align yourself with partners whose services are superior to none and who are equally as vested in best measures forward.”