Matrix Security assisted injured man on One Tree Hill

When a serious fall left an Auckland man injured on Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill Domain) during the national Alert Level 4 lockdown, bystanders feared for the worse. With deteriorating health, darkness falling, and ambulances unable to reach the summit due to COVID-19 access limitations, essential help was needed, but couldn’t be actioned.

Fortunately, Matrix Security’s Call Centre and our security patrol provided for nearby Cornwall Park were able to deliver necessary aid and transportation to the man, uniting him with his family and into the care of medical staff.

Communication roadblocks

Assisting someone seriously injured on a hillside was extremely difficult for bystander Michelle, who couldn’t reach his family or Cornwall Park staff – and had great difficulty communicating with ambulance staff.

“We tried to contact his family, with no immediate response, we realised all gates were locked and we could not move or carry him without causing pain. We tried to contact Cornwall Park staff and received voice recordings for all numbers, ” she explains.

“We called for an ambulance but it was assessed over the phone to be a non-urgent accident, so we waited for nearly an hour before calling the ambulance a second time but they couldn’t attend because the park gates were locked.”

Determined to help the man, Michelle contacted the Matrix Security communications team, who realised the severity of the situation and immediately contacted security guard Michael – who was on patrol close by – to assist.

“Michael drove the man down to Manukau Road gate where we had organised for the family to collect their Dad and take him to medical care,” explains Michelle. “The staff involved are to be praised.”

Our bubble is your bubble

Providing assistance to Kiwis is something the Matrix Security team take great pride in doing, says Steve Molyneux, Matrix Security’s central operations manager.

“It’s not just our job to help people, we have a responsibility to protect. Although we typically just patrol Cornwall Park, not the summit of Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill Domain), in this instance our security officer was close by and could act quickly without hesitation. As a team we saw the whole of Auckland as our bubble to protect.”

Vested in people

Helping people beyond the call of duty – like Michelle and the injured man – affirms the importance of the roles Matrix Security staff play in the community, says Steve.

“During the lockdown period especially, our staff worked around the clock – putting great onus on keeping businesses protected and ensuring people felt safe and cared for when out and about in public spaces. We’re people-centric, so when needs must, you make it happen.”