It’s reassuring knowing that everything is safe every time you return home.

Nowadays, sound security means more than just a home alarm or a smartphone app. Emergency or not, being able to access the professionals for immediate assistance and to prevent further damage or theft following a break-in provides a real sense of comfort.


24 hr Alarm Monitoring available nationwide
$38.00 plus GST per month

• FREE Home Security Assessment and Service Plan
• 24/7 Assistance and Response – via our NZSA accredited call-centre
• Alarm Monitoring – via IP, mobile data networks or copper phone lines

Alarm Response* from our dedicated community Patrols
$96.00 plus GST per call-out or get unlimited fixed call-out rate with the Green Reflector Service
*Auckland only – A connection fee may apply

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When crisis strikes and seconds count having your alarm monitored, with the option to request a professional security response puts home protection in your control.

Our trained professionals monitor alarms using the latest alarm technologies to provide 24/7 peace of mind.

A personalised alarm system installed by Matrix Security will add value to your home, protect your assets and most importantly, provide the added depth of safety and security we all deserve – it can even reduce your home insurance premiums.

Protect What Matters




“I want to extend my appreciation to Matrix Security and also in particular your security guard, James, who did a great job in assisting with the arrest of one of the burglars (the police believe there might’ve been two). We always read about this sort of unpleasant experience happening to others but nothing will beat the actual traumatic impact when it happens to oneself. Your prompt actions have helped with the recovery of some of the stolen goods.”
Epsom, Auckland Alarm Monitoring client

Effective and affordable protection to keep your home safe.

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We have over 20 years experience in securing homes and businesses. We are proud to be recognised as an award-winning market leader. From our monitoring centre through to our frontline security officers, our team has the experience, skills, training and resources to keep your family and home safer. We also provide technical and installation expertise.

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Fast – when it counts

When faced with an emergency, a sense of wellbeing comes from having a sound security service at your finger tips and an on-demand professional patrol response. With an average incident response time of less than 10 minutes within Auckland, immediate assistance is at the ready to prevent further damage or theft following a break-in.

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Smart and convenient

Matrix Security services are fully integrated. Alongside our mobile and security guard patrols, we’ll install, monitor and service your alarm using the latest advice on smart analytics and app-based automation. Our up-to-date systems can provide remote home access via your laptop or smartphone, and email reports for full transparency.

Safer homes for families is our focus. Our residential security services are designed for those serious about home security.

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