Moving Home, Renovating or need a Holiday Hotlist?

Holiday Hotlist

$16.00 plus GST per day – Matrix Security clients

$32.00 plus GST per day – Non-Matrix Security clients

• Foot patrols of exterior of property (minimum two patrols per day)
• Security checks of all exterior windows and doors
• Mail collection and storage
• Newspaper and junk mail removal
• Other services such as bringing in rubbish bins may be available on request.

There are lot’s of added risks when you are away. Burglars are smart and can quickly identify unoccupied houses making them a prime target for an easy win, which is why we offer a specialised service to give you added security and protection while you are away from home. Click here to Activate Your Holiday Hotlist

Holiday Hotlist is available in selected suburbs. Enjoy your holiday with peace of mind that your home is protected with our home security Hotlist service. If you have moved house and want to activate your Holiday Hotlist, make sure you update your new home details.



Moving home, renovating or changing things around the house, there’s no better time to consider a security upgrade.

Whatever your security needs Matrix Security has the installation experience as well as a full range of services that can be tailored to meet your budget and safety requirements. Our security solutions are sourced from the world’s best technology and equipment providers and are backed up with regular service maintenance, to keep things running at optimum levels.

A personalised security solution professionally installed, can add value to your home, protect you assets and most importantly, provide you with the added depth of safety and security we all deserve. Be it access control systems, cameras, or a fully automated IP-based smartphone solution; we can incorporate motion detectors, door contacts and remote access controls -– your security, your choice.

Safer homes for Kiwi families are our focus. Choose 24/7 alarm monitoring or the added protection from our premium Green Reflector Service. Find out more in our Home Security Advice – for moving home and renovating.


Moving Home

Moving home requires many important decisions to be made. We’ll take the time to discuss your specific security requirements and can help make you move smoother and much safer. If you’re considering upgrading or replacing your existing alarm to an IP based security solution, talk to one of our technical advisors, we’re here for you!


Upgrade to Fibre

Traditional copper communication lines are being replaced by fibre across the country. But, before you switch to ultrafast broadband check whether communication between your alarm and monitoring station will be compromised.  Fortunately, you don’t always have to upgrade your whole alarm system, so talk to our technicians about the options.

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Home renovation

Keeping your home secure and safe whilst renovating is of utmost importance. Matrix Security can formulate a plan to fit your renovation absences, so during times of vulnerability a patrol officer can regularly check the site. It’s also a good time to talk to our trained technicians about upgrading to the latest security technology.

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