Having robust physical security can help you keep your people, clients, IP and assets safe.

It allows you to maintain the trust and confidence of the people and businesses you serve or collaborate with. The right strategy can help you protect your reputation and profitability.

A comprehensive workplace security strategy is important in that it will:

  • Mitigate risks, resulting in fewer breaches, claims and/or harm caused
  • Deliver robust systems and processes delivering greater efficiencies
  • Reduce liabilities and potentially insurance premiums
  • Ensure that in the event of an emergency, established plans can be implemented, reducing longer-term impacts on your business
  • Create a sense of confidence and peace of mind

To best mitigate risk, it is imperative that you understand the actual and potential workplace risk factors. 

Although developed for mandatory adoption by Government Departments in mind, the Protective Security Requirements (PSR) have established best practice procedures which can be adopted by any New Zealand business – big or small.

They have developed an indepth self-assessment tool to identify your current capabilities:

The Greater East Tamaki Business Association (getba) have developed an easy to use security analysis spreadsheet to help you facilitate an assessment:

Every person involved in your business contributes to the effectiveness of your security plan.

No amount of investment in physical security will be productive if you do not have the training, procedures and commitment from your people.

It only takes one person forgetting to set an alarm, being tailgated, leaving a reception area unsecured or not reporting lost keys, to compromise the safety of your business.

Make sure your team understands:

  • What the security risks are and the implications of a breach to your business
  • Your policies and procedures in the event of a security breach, from bomb threats to broken windows.
  • To be diligent and to report security issues and incidents
  • Potential consequences for individuals who misuse data and/or insider knowledge to exploit your business
  • They are encouraged to report potential risk threats and near misses and will be rewarded for doing so.

Best practice involves providing specific security modules when onboarding new recruits, and ongoing training for all employees.

Engage with your neighbors and join your local business association to develop a community that collaborates to mitigate risk.

When considering options for securing your external environment, adopt the mindset of an intruder and actively seek out weaknesses.

  • Floodlights and sensor lighting can be used to illuminate blind spots and deter unwanted activity
  • Regular maintenance of the building will ensure locks and latches are robust
  • Landscaping greenery particularly if they obscure the view of windows and doors provide concealment
  • Remove valuable assets from sight or away from access points like windows
  • If applicable, fix security company signage in well-lit and visible areas indicating regular patrols are being conducted

To minimize risk to your people, buildings, grounds, assets, data and equipment, it is important to know who is on your property; to manage the levels of access they have, and to regularly audit those authorisations for accuracy. Dependent on the nature of your business there are a variety of solutions for consideration.

Security and Concierge Services:

  • Front desk and security concierge services can include complete visitor management for directing, registering, verifying and badging visitors to improve building security
  • This visible front-line defence for your building and staff screens all visitors in a reception area, sending a clear message of security and professionalism.

Access Control Systems:

  • An access control system requires individuals to authenticate themselves using access cards, pin codes, face recognition, fingerprints or smartphone. Alleviating the need for traditional keys, you have full control over the areas an individual can access and keep track of who enters and exits a building or room, and when.

Having the best video surveillance system (or CCTV) protecting your property can provide evidence in the event of a crime or health and safety incident as well as deter criminal activity eventuating in the first place.

The system is composed of cameras, monitors and recorders. A good design in advance of implementation is important. You need to consider where the cameras should be installed for greatest impact, whether they need be conspicuous to deter crime or discreet to record evidence.

You need to be aware of your obligations under the Privacy Act 1993, specifically complying with the rules around the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

Footage can be monitored live or remotely by a security professional, or recorded and stored for later review.

Installing an alarm system is one of the most efficient ways to protect your business and people. It is particularly effective when monitored 24/7/365 and some insurance companies will reward you for investing in this level of security with reduced premiums.

There are a multitude of options available and the specific requirements of your business need to be considered.

  • Where sensors should be located for the protection of key assets. 
  • The type of siren or alarm required (high decibel, silent etc).
  • The best-fit control panel (to arm and disarm the system). There are many options from pass codes or voice commands through to working with fobs and mobile phone applications. The nature of your workforce will determine the most robust solution for you.
  • The course of action in the event an alarm is activated. Do you want to be called or would you prefer to have a security guard attend the property. If the latter, what course of action they should take. For example: if they see a window is broken should they simply arrange a glazier and stay on scene until resolved, or contact you for approvals. Is the course of action different dependent on time of day/day of the week.
  • A backup strategy for an alarm system that is power and/or internet based and these services are down. 
  • Solutions that can adapt with your evolution as a business. For example, if you are currently using copper based services, how will the system transition to fibre (internet).
  • Whether to include smoke detection and environment monitoring in a single solution

As with any good plan your security needs to remain open to regular review and testing. Proactively assessing risk and change ensures your systems are robust when you need them most.

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