Auckland Business Break In Highlights Superior Actions of Matrix Security Officers

In an hour of need – home or workplace – the services of security officers that excel in their roles is essential for both property and property owner. Sentiments shared by Mike Brunton of Portacom who credits the quick thinking, and exceptional communications and management of two Matrix security officers who responded to a break in at his Auckland premises late one Sunday evening.

Real deal, right people

With extensive experience working within the security industry himself – 18 years – Mike innately understands the need for professionalism and swift actions required when attending a break in.

Not only did both officers promptly arrived at the premise – within minutes of the alarm being sounded, and undertake a thorough inspection and safety checklist of the premise – ensuring all containers were secure and no damage had occurred, they also actioned measures over and above the call of duty to ensure safe passage for Mike’s arrival on the scene.

“They looked after me so well. As soon as I arrived, they carefully escorted me around the entire the site – informing me each step of way of all actions performed.”

“The competence of both officers is a credit to Matrix and indeed the security industry,” says Mike.

“Both were detailed in the explanation of the event and findings, wore the uniform with pride and neither showed any frustration when it took me over 40 minutes to get to site due to multiple motorway closures and diversions.”

On hand to depend on

Confidence in knowing his business is secured in the best of hands, was strengthened further by the self-assurance and pride of the Matrix officers, says Mike.

“It’s more than a feel-good to arrive on a break in scene at 10.30 at night and be greeted by two officers who have everything under control – both were calm, confident, knowledgeable and openly glad to be there assisting,” he says. “It really iterated the resounding reliability of the Matrix Security team as a whole – officers and communications department – affirming why we choose them as our security provider.”

Always on call

What stemmed from a less than desirable situation was greater appreciation for a security team who are honoured to play their part – no matter what the time of day.

“The two officers escorted me safely on and off the grounds – ensuring I left the site before they did. I’m so appreciative of their unwavering support for my safety and peace-of-mind, and their wholehearted commitment to their profession – situations like this stick with you.”