This second article in Matrix Security’s ‘Our People in Focus’ series, digs deeper into the journey of Operations Manager for Waitemata, Danial Walters.

It follows on from Daniel’s initial step into the security workforce and his expectations – which he quickly dispelled, given the diverse and ever changing nature of the role and the career opportunities Matrix Security delivers.

Here, Daniel talks progression, transferable skills, the ever-changing nature of his role, and the opportunity to hone skills and attune new ways of thinking.

No matter what his day entails – patrolling sites, assessing security measures or engaging with clients – it’s his transferable skills that deliver the difference for Daniel Walters.

The Waitemata Operations Manager has climbed the career ranks at Matrix Security in the space of just two short years – and he credits his abilities, and acknowledges the ongoing support of a people-centric workplace, for his success.

Progressing up the ranks, and stepping into the shoes as Operations Manager from security guard – his first job at the start of the pandemic which he sought to “cover bills” – is a constant reminder and motivator to hone the skills you have and keep striving, says Daniel.

“That ability to communicate well with others, to deescalate situations as needed – sometimes people are having bad days and they need help working through this, and critical thinking, these are essential skills needed from one security role to another – at the end of the day, we’re dealing with people, and Matrix provide us with the tools, the training and support to meet the needs of these people.”

Watching his own Waitemata security patrol team in action, Daniel appreciates the all-encompassing aspects of his role and values the human element.

“No two days are the same, so we have to be on the ball, actioning a whole range of skills and staying responsive, from responding to client emails, to site checks, to auditing, to assisting clients or responding to an incident – we’re dealing with constant change.”

Staying abreast of change is also key, as clients’ needs change, so too does the need to respond effectively – which has prompted Daniel’s to upskill in certain areas, and attune a long-term career focus with Matrix Security.

“I’ve definitely had to work on a lot of my organisational skills, you need to manage time really well – you’re arranging meetings, arranging new security measures for clients, responding to requests – you need to be able to take all that, map it out and go for it.”

A change in the way clients view their security is also something Daniel has recognised more and more of late – and speaks positively about.

“With the pandemic forcing people away from their businesses for extended periods, it’s encouraged many to rethink the security landscape,” he says. “Security is there for businesses when they can’t be. We’re interacting a lot more with our clients, as they learn more and realise that they need more support. It’s an exciting and ever-evolving industry to be a part of.”