The demand for Matrix Security mobile patrols in Auckland (for both business and residential) has increased significantly in the past 12 months. 

Mobile patrols are a security solution that helps to deter and prevent criminal activity and provides peace of mind for individuals working or living at the location. They provide a tailored and cost-effective option when a traditional full-time security presence is not practical. 

Six key benefits are discussed below:

1. Visibly Deter Crime and Promote Safety 

Patrolling officers in marked cars, wearing professional well branded uniforms are easily identifiable. This visual presence acts as a strong deterrent to criminal activity.

2. Surveillance of Multiple Locations

Patrol officers can patrol on foot or by car, which means that they can monitor multiple areas during a shift. Through randomised but consistent rotations, they can keep an eye on several areas and help ensure that the premises and community are secure. Patrol officers can cover ground quickly, get to an alarm activation in a timely manner, and potentially catch criminals in the act.

3. Perform a Range of Security Checks

In addition to responding to alarms, patrol officers can deliver a wide range of security checks including carrying out external and internal inspections, ensuring doors and windows are locked and that there are no unauthorised people onsite, escorting employees to vehicles at night and looking for any signs of vandalism or damage. The scope of the checks and response actions is tailored to the need of the client.

4. Drive Actionable Insight with Data

Security patrol software (Matrix Security use ActiveGuard) is used to collect, analyse, and report data (including photos) on incidents allowing insights for mitigating future risk. The use of data enables everyone involved in the decision-making process to understand which factors have contributed to past security problems allowing for the development of an effective security strategy. The areas that have seen the highest number of incidents should naturally have their security needs addressed first. A closer look at the types of incidents that have affected the premises should have a direct impact on threat mitigation planning.

5. Cost Effective Option

The business or homeowner can choose the scope of the officers’ work and the frequency of visits to site which are charged in units of time. Cost saving can also be achieved through reduced losses and liabilities from break-ins, vandalism, and other damage.

6. Peace of Mind

Mobile security patrols are a good choice for business owners who own several companies or buildings, or larger premises, as patrols can cover a wider area faster and more efficiently than traditional static security guards. Patrol officers offer around-the-clock protection in a designated area to ensure that the premises are safe and secure. They also offer peace of mind to employees especially for businesses that operate a 24 hour, 7 days a week shift.

Expert help and advice

With our extensive knowledge and experience, Matrix Security Consultants can work with you to scope requirements and make recommendations to improve security on premise. Our consultations are obligation free.