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Crime against Community Charity Store

Property damage is often caused by opportune criminal activity in an attempt to steal items. Intoxicated individuals lacking respect for their surroundings can be equally unpredictable and dangerous. A charity store in Glen Innes recently experienced this first hand, as did our responding patrol. Shortly after 10.30pm on a Thursday evening [...]

November 3rd, 2016|Categories: Case Study, Commercial|Tags: , |

System maintenance offers maximum security protection

A well-maintained security system supported by an accredited monitoring and communications centre is essential to the smooth running of your business. Alongside professional patrol response, these services will minimise business interruption caused by theft, criminal damage, the threat of fire, or other emergencies. Matrix Security designs personalised security solutions to [...]

October 25th, 2016|Categories: Commercial|Tags: , , |

Home Security Makeover. Stay up-to-date whilst you renovate

Renovating, chopping, or changing things around the house, there is no better time to consider a security upgrade. A personalised alarm system, installed by experienced professionals can add value to your home, protect your assets and most importantly, provide you with the added depth of safety and security we all [...]

Are You Fibre Ready? . . . Future-proof Alarm Monitoring

Checking if your home or workplace can be connected to Ultra Fast Broadband may save you time and money in the long run. Replacing your existing phone lines with a fibre connection (UFB) sooner, will mean less additional fees – and headaches, when telco’s cease maintenance of old copper analogue [...]

Secure Connections . . . Our motorway mission

Matrix Security has embarked on a large scale access control and alarm system installation. Selected by the Well Connected Alliance, Matrix Security joined forces with the Waterview Connection Project – one of New Zealand’s most important infrastructure developments. The project will have a massive impact on the way people travel [...]

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