Established in 1956 the Outboard Boating Club (OBC) is a well-recognized, prominent feature on Auckland’s Tamaki Drive and the home to many of our customers’ beloved boats.

Recently an OBC member had spent the afternoon working on his boat and returned home only to have the worry we have all once had…did I lock the front door?! Or in his case, did I lock the boat’s main hatch?

Knowing that Matrix Security has a permanent presence at the boating club he contacted our 24/7 call centre to ask whether the marina security officer could check his boat. Without hesitation the guard inspected the boat on his very next round and found that everything was secure.

The boat owner was more than relieved to hear back from our call centre, saying “I very much appreciated the kindness and the conscientious way your security officer handled the matter for us.”

Here at Matrix Security we pride ourselves on going above and beyond what is expected.

Please give us a call if you or your family find yourself in a similar situation!