Another break in was thwarted by Matrix Security at an East Auckland school, thanks to the rapid response from a night security patrol. Various schools around Auckland rely on the service experience Matrix Security has become renowned for, to ensure the safety and security of the wider school community.

After having experienced a rise in theft and damage to property over the past few weeks, with camera footage showing as many as four offenders trespassing on some nights, this East Auckland school was fed up. The decision to engage Matrix Security to conduct temporary security patrols of the school delivered an instant result beyond measure!

In the very early hours of an April morning, a Matrix Security officer was doing patrols of the school. He discovered two offenders on site attempting to break in. Police were called to assist the officer, but thankfully a thorough check confirmed no other vandalism or loss of school property had occurred that evening.

By simply having a Matrix Security presence, any potential theft, damage or arson was prevented and the school was left safe for teachers and students to return to after their holidays.