An attempt to rob a Community Aquatic Centre on Tuesday went terribly wrong for the amateur offender.

Matrix Security Patrol Officers attended following a multiple activation very early in the morning at an Aquatic Centre.  They identified the entry point and soon realized the offender was likely still nearby so proceeded to search the building. Noticing the sensor activated bathroom lights were on, they entered and found that one of the toilet cubicles was locked.  After calling out and letting the offender know he had been found, the door was unlocked and the officer witnessed the offender slump to the floor – intoxicated and defeated.

The police arrived soon after and arrested the man.  As he was unwilling to walk or too intoxicated to try, the Patrol Officer assisted police in carrying him to the waiting car.

The Manager of the complex was relieved the offender had been apprehended, and not discovered by someone using the bathroom in the morning.

Fast response, teamwork and familiarity with the site was crucial to catching the offender, and ensuring the welfare of all involved.