Young adults barred from a private party in Remuera were determined not to leave quietly. Protecting invited guests and neighbouring properties from the behavior that followed involved excellent co-operation by our Patrol and Guarding teams.

It wasn’t an easy night with the Guards stationed at the party having to call for assistance from Matrix Security Patrol Officers in the area.  Bottles were smashed, verbal threats made and road cones thrown by young adults unhappy with being told to leave. The quick arrival of four nearby Matrix Security Patrol Officers enabled the situation to be diffused quickly, and with no lasting damage done.

As stated by this very happy customer – “Hosting ‘teen’ parties is difficult to say the least nowadays and without the fantastic help from Matrix, the event would have got out of hand fairly quickly due to the numbers of uninvited people trying to access the function.”

Thanks to social media today its extremely easy for even private parties to get out of hand and unfortunately events like this usually happen on nights when police resources are already stretched. Security is important to consider in advance so if you have a party coming up, give us a call.