As summer holidays and Christmas festivities are quickly approaching, now’s the time to ensure your home security is up-to-date and your insurance policies are carefully read.

Many insurance companies provide a discount if your home is professionally monitored. With Matrix protection and safety services in place, you can look forward to creating those precious holiday memories without the threat of interruption.

We have developed premium, personalised services for such a time as this.  Our Green Reflector Service* includes Alarm Monitoring and daily drive by checks of your home. For additional protection our Holiday Hotlist Service* provides mail collection and daily foot patrols of your property.  Click on the link to learn more.

Green Reflector Plus security programme and our Holiday Hotlist service.*
*currently available only in selective suburbs within central Auckland.

Our technical, monitoring and patrol services are here to help protect your home and family. Whether you’re planning a short or long holiday break, the additional protection of our daily patrols and rapid response from around-the-clock monitoring, provides additional peace-of-mind. Matrix Security’s adds protection to your home during this period adopting a prevention, early detection and fully secure premise action.

Taking steps to maximise your home security and staying up-to-date with your insurers ‘special terms and conditions’ before you head away means you can rest easy.

Give us a call today to discuss the best options for you.