Matrix Security serves a trusted hand to those supporting our communities

As a pillar of strength and support for families across the country, it was essential Eastern Refuge Society, received the same hands-on care and commitment from its security provider, which is why they enlisted the services of Matrix Security.

“Our operations are vast and people-centric,” explains Jenny Palalagi-Taulagaono, service manager of Eastern Refuge Society. “Our services aid across the board: residential programmes for women and children, community-based programmes and advocacy, we provide education training and playgroup facilities – its extensive and intensive but rewarding. And, because we operate within such a fragile environment – nurturing and protecting – we require ongoing security that can stand up to what we stand for – unprecedented support.”

Ensuring the safety of their own staff and those that visit them on site – including women and children who are vulnerable, and many in a transitional status – is a top priority.

“And, because Matrix are expertly trained to serve our specific field of works, with Ministry of Justice endorsement, we just knew their level of expertise and commitment would never falter,” says Jenny.

“We require ongoing security that can stand up to what we stand for – unprecedented support.”

And it hasn’t. Alongside daily security patrolling – which includes internal and external property inspections, Matrix Security officers are at the ready to respond in the case of incident or emergency.


“Anytime of the day can be fraught with challenges for us, but it is especially worrying when we lock up and leave for the day, knowing that we are leaving ourselves open to intruders – we have so much to protect, people rely on us,” explains Jenny.

“So, knowing Sam, patrol officer for Matrix Security, and his colleagues are on site to run perimeter checks, check all the doors, take photos of anything suspicious – is peace-of-mind.”

And, Sam’s thoroughness has not gone unnoticed amongst staff, says Jenny.

“We had one incident recently when we received images from Sam of not-your-usual cars which had been left onsite, alongside a bean bag left outside my office,” says Jenny. “As it turns out the cars were staff cars left overnight and the bean bag I left outside to wash out in the rain. We truly value Sam’s attention to detail – anything that doesn’t look right he’s onto it.”

The flow on effect of having Sam’s expertise onboard is invaluable, says Jenny. “It’s beyond reassuring knowing we have a thorough patrol.”

“Because no door is left unchecked, all suspicious things captured, and daily reports are sent – on time too – it means I don’t have to constantly check the CCTV – in fact I can go weeks without checking it,” enthuses Jenny.

“It’s beyond reassuring knowing we have a thorough patrol.”

Having that certainty is essential to both parties, says Sam of Matrix Security.

“Maintaining such a high level of service isn’t just about securing a place or business, it’s about protecting the people within it and assuring them that they truly are our priority – always,” he says. “You cannot facilitate security operations without keeping the human element at the fore – it’s people that form the backbone of our communities not buildings.”

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