A recent unsuccessful burglary attempt in Epsom just goes to show how smart security and working in partnership with the Police can thwart hapless thieves. The additional security of a 24hr on-call Green Reflector Service is becoming increasingly sought after, as burglaries are nearly three times more likely to happen when you are away from home while at work or out shopping, than when you are on holiday (results of a recent AA Insurance home security survey).

During a recent incident in Epsom one of our security officers, James Johnson, was out on Green Reflector patrol in the middle of an ordinary day when he was sent to an alarm activation at a customer’s house. Upon arrival James spotted a man behaving suspiciously outside the property – which was easily identified by the street-side green reflector. Thinking that things didn’t add up he checked the property and noticed that a window had been jemmied open.

“Identifying suspicious behaviour comes down to a combination of instinct and experience. I had a very strong feeling that this guy had been up to no good. I was right. I contacted our communications centre and they in turn called the Police. Within minutes we had other team members on the ground and the Eagle helicopter in the air,” says James. “We apprehended the suspect and our client was able to identify that items he had on his person had indeed been stolen from his home.”

Matrix Security prides itself on having the best team and systems in place to keep people safe and prevent theft and damage to property. As Auckland home values are increasingly exponentially, and our lives are getting more complex, it’s unbelievably frustrating when people seek to steal or damage things you have worked hard for.

Our Green Reflector Service has genuinely helped our customers feel more secure about their safety every day, as well as when they are away from the home on holiday – and this extends to their neighbourhoods too. We have anecdotal evidence that this service adds even more value to homes on the market.

Contact Nicolle Derby if you would like to upgrade to our Green Reflector service (selected suburbs only), or would like information about our safe home holiday service.