Regrettably, even the most revered of sites require security in this day and age. Auckland’s Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell – where many of us celebrate, rejoice or mourn – can also fall prey to some in the community who fail to respect property or people.

Matrix Security has recently won the contract to protect the Cathedral, and has also chosen to go even further and provide significant additional support to ensure that one of Auckland’s most precious buildings and artefacts are safe for all people to enjoy for many years to come.

“We are delighted to award our security business to Matrix Security who, like us, believe that safer communities nurture growth and confidence’, said Dean Jo Kelly-Moore. “Without their additional generosity and their bespoke solution we would be hard-pressed to ensure that all the Diocese’s property in the Parnell area is safe and secure for the use of the wider Auckland population.”

The Church indicated their frustration and disappointment that the open doors of the Cathedral were being treated as an opportunity for theft with recurrent burglaries occurring even during daylight hours. The distinctive sight of Matrix Security patrol cars and officers should over time act as a deterrent to burglars, and the grounds will be safe again to walk through for those attending events in the lead up to Christmas.