Is home security and a safe neighbourhood on your wish list?

With soaring house prices, particularly in central Auckland many buyers are moving to new suburbs rather than staying in familiar neighbourhoods. Having your home security sorted with a reputable provider can provide real peace of mind that help is on it’s way in the event of an emergency – without placing others at risk.

Top of mind for most home buyers is the number of bedrooms, good indoor-outdoor flow, orientation to the sun and school zones – however having a safe home and a reliable security service is increasingly important as our lives become more complex, and cities more populated. Knowing which security system to look for and what to ask a security firm when choosing a alarm monitoring provider or installation service can make the difference to your home buying decision.

Which security system works best?

Your security system is an important initial step in crime prevention to keep your home safe. A noisy alarm could scare some burglars away – however most burglars know how to disable a control panel upon entry and find neighbours are not always prepared to respond when an alarm is activated. Alarms alone won’t keep your home safe, particularly in the case of fire or other non-burglary danger.

When every second counts, which solution works best?

A monitored alarm connected to a 24/7 call-centre is the basic level of good safety protection planning for your home when it comes to keeping your family and assets safe. Top priority is choosing an alarm system that is user friendly and reliable at reporting events.

Cameras and alarm sensors placed around the house “watch out” for different things and when triggered, and will alert the control panel when it happens. For example, some trigger if a door is opened, if glass is broken, if there’s movement in the room, or if they detect smoke. Many control panels can also be connected for instant remote access via your laptop or smartphone providing email or text alerts of security-related issues.