Our People in Focus

The journeys of their people are something Matrix Security are proud to share, and something they hope will inspire others wanting a career change, fresh perspective or seeking anew.

The ‘Our People in Focus’ series, begins with three articles on Matrix Security Operations Manager for Waitemata, Daniel Walters, sharing words on joining a security company and the unexpected – yet rewarding – path that presented, after years spent in hospitality and travel.

The first article below reveals his initial expectations of stepping into a new role in a new industry, and the reality that greeted him. The second focuses on his succession from security guard to operations manager, and the growth-centric workplace Matrix delivers. And, the final article touches down on the skills, expertise and knowledge his workplace supports and strengthens – with the ‘people factor’ taking central stage.

Stay in-step with Daniel’s journey here . . .

End of an era secures a new career pathway

Daniel Walters never anticipated a career in security but when the pandemic forced a sea change in his workplace, he knew he had to embrace new opportunities and new industries – and Matrix Security opened its doors to him.

Despite no prior security work experience, Daniel was able to utilise his skillset – built upon in other vocations, including bar management and as a travel consultant – in his initial role as a Matrix Security guard. With customer facing expertise, communication skills and multitasking abilities, all serving him well.

“I chanced upon an opportunity to work in security out of necessity as a result of COVID – I needed to support my family. When I received a phone call from Matrix Security asking me to come for an interview, I jumped at the opportunity – despite the fact I come from a hospitality and travel background,” says Daniel.

“When I first started at Matrix, I was securing our film sites, and each day required you to engage different hats, from controlling access onto the set, to checking credentials of visitors, to administering COVID 19 protocols, taking temperatures, patrolling the sites, checking fence lines and stages – making sure no one was taking pictures – and protecting all the IP,” explains Daniel.

Coupled with work on site, Daniel was also part of the control room team – a hub for all Matrix Security film sites at the time.

“We were working with some incredible technology, we could control access to what people were doing, keep an eye on cameras, update people’s profiles, take phone calls – from all over the world sometimes, it was pretty cool.”

It wasn’t just film stars that shone on set, Daniel’s customer focus, quick smart capabilities and effective communication skills, propelled him forwards and he was soon promoted to his current role of Operations Manager for Waitemata where he manages a team of patrol officers in West Auckland.

Drawing on his own experience across the past few years, Daniel says his first thoughts about working in the security industry couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I had this assumption that security guards did a lot of just standing around outside businesses and not much else,” he says. “I quickly realised it wasn’t like that at all. Security work is a lot more customer facing – you need to be able to communicate, to have empathy, to form relationships, to multitask.”