A little bit of technology can go a long way to help you feel more secure (and provide a great customer experience) if you are an AirBnB, Bookabatch or Bachcare property owner. Equally, this technology may enhance your sense of security at home.

Here are some of the latest security technologies available today that you should look at investing in if you want to protect your invest home, rental (long or short stay).

If you’d like more information on any of these solutions, or just a general discussion on what security technology might be right for you then contact one of our consultants today to discuss the best solution for your property.

Forget the hassle of getting keys to your visitors – remotely control access to your property by setting key codes for specific times for your customers and cleaners. Access options include touchpad, smartphone or key.

Communicate with anyone at the door from anywhere around the world. The door release button allows you to accept your visitor without leaving the screen. Most now come with many features including facial recording, automated responses and the ability to record.

These are not your everyday cameras. They allow you to remotely view live and recorded footage, have alerts triggered from human and vehicle detection or general motion, sent straight to your mobile phone. They provide high quality images and allow close in zooming.

Today’s alarm systems give you the flexibility to remotely arm/disarm and set temporary passwords for each visitor. Consider outsourcing 24/7/365 monitoring with the option to request a security response for an even greater layer of protection. Monitoring of smoke detectors (if they are connected to the alarm system) is advised.

If you have a mechanical gate you can easily add an automatic controller. This solution works much like smart locks enabling you to control visitor access through the gate.