Home security that goes beyond

No matter the time of year, when you’re away home, it’s important to feel connected to your place and secure in the company you entrust to protect it. Knowing your home security is in the best hands means that you can travel to and from with greater peace-of-mind.

Caring for Auckland homes has been Matrix Security’s focus for over 20 years. Our team of people know that providing premium security is not a black and white service, it’s a balancing act – a combination of people power and technological innovation – which is why our Green Reflector Service ticks all the boxes. And, as our client Joan experienced first-hand in November, having an expert security team on-board can mean the difference between surviving a terrifying ordeal or not.

Joan, an active 80-year-old had dashed home to shut a window, and in her haste back out the door she had a nasty fall onto the garage floor – with no one home, she was in serious pain and could barely move.

“I tried to shout but no one could hear me. Mercifully the alarm cut in, even more mercifully the daily patrol guard – who always turns up at our house – appeared within no time flat. Adarsh from Matrix Security was most helpful – providing water, towels to stem the bleeding, phoning St John’s and my daughter who lives close by,” explains Joan.

“It is quite clear to me that if Adarsh had not arrived, I could have very likely come to a messy end in my garage because Hal my husband was gone for the week, and no other visitors were likely to appear at all. For this coping strategy, I want to pass on heartfelt thanks to the Matrix Security staff for their kind manners and helpful actions.”

Stories like Joan’s reinforce the importance of real-time connectivity – an in-home security system driven by smart analytics, and around-the-clock security guard patrols who are vested in monitoring your home with true expertise and precision at the fore.

Because if times do get tough, knowing you have the right people beside you speaks safety and care beyond, says Steve Molyneux, Matrix Security operations manager for Auckland central and north patrols.

“What’s really hit home with Joan’s recent case is the importance of our people and the physical role they play in home protection. Our daily patrol officers are on the job to provide assistance where it’s needed most which means on any given day, they are braced to help homeowners in more ways than one, explains Steve.”

“For us, establishing individual relationships with our clients is essential to being able to provide them with well-rounded, reliable and credible care and assurance in the quickest possible time.”

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