Many of Auckland’s Marinas have a strong security plan with staff or Security Guards onsite 24/7. For the Boating Clubs and Marinas that Matrix Security’s Guards watch over, the benefits have regularly gone beyond prevention of theft and willful damage. So far in 2017 we have saved 3 boats from sinking.

In the middle of some cold winter nights, and with the help of a pump, boons and a bucket we have managed to bail out and prevent the total loss of 3 vessels. The most recent incident was the result of a loose bung and fortunately was spotted early enough that the boat could be pulled onto a trailer to drain. An earlier incident where a boat ran aground lead to more serious damage but the quick use of boons kept it afloat, making assessment and salvage much simpler.

The advantages of a manned security presence often go beyond what is obvious. Fortunately a number of Auckland Marinas have known this a long time, and partnered with Matrix Security to ensure protection their customers can count on.