A well-maintained security system supported by an accredited monitoring and communications centre is essential to the smooth running of your business. Alongside professional patrol response, these services will minimise business interruption caused by theft, criminal damage, the threat of fire, or other emergencies.

Matrix Security designs personalised security solutions to help protect property, people and assets. However, without regular inspection, maintenance and repair, your system becomes vulnerable to faults that can be a nuisance or a major security concern. Electronic alarms and video surveillance equipment, in particular, can degrade or become obsolete over time. Nowadays, despite the reliability of most security components, vandalism and improper maintenance procedures can compromise your systems effectiveness and your business operations.

By enlisting professional maintenance services, your system will continue to operate at optimum levels, reducing the expense of unbudgeted emergency repairs or costly false alarms. A focus on best practice security also ensures your system complies with insurance standards and fulfills health and safety regulations. It’s also worthwhile to enlist the help of qualified and experienced technicians to train staff to operate your security system efficiently.

Matrix Security offers tailored maintenance and servicing plans to ensure the system performs to expectations – so you can focus on your business. Alongside fault diagnosis, repairs and installation Matrix Security provides effective human intervention with 24/7 alarm monitoring and rapid response to security threats. Our office and patrol base in East Tamaki links us personally with the area. It also guarantees our mobile patrol officers are always nearby to assists with anything from drive buy checks to a full site bed down. Whatever the need, we’re primed to deliver the protection you can count on.

Staying safe around the clock

If you’re expanding your business, connecting to Ultra Fast Broadband, or converting to VoIP phone systems – there’s no better time to consider a security system upgrade. New IP-enabled security systems can be configured for remote monitoring and secure smartphone app control, allowing the alarm status to be checked and changed from anywhere, day and night. Camera systems are also increasing in popularity as advances in technology has enabled easy real-time access to high-quality images.

Advances in surveillance capabilities mean security footage can be captured in response to motion detection and sent to a monitoring station. This is resource smart, as no time is wasted monitoring inactivity, and provides valuable information to first responders or investigators attempting to identify perpetrators.

Providing the right security technology and a comprehensive service plan is just the start. Crime prevention initiatives and rapid response are vital to protecting your workplaces, people and assets. Don’t compromise your security – speak to our team of experts who will guide you to the right solution and system for your budget and requirements.