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When most people think of security technology, their minds jump straight to a home or business security alarm or camera surveillance. But security technology is much more than that – including access control systems, gate intercoms and personal emergency mobile pendants.

Most important is how these constantly evolving technologies come together to provide the right solution for you. Considerations include the level of security you’ll need, your lifestyle, the value of your property and its replacement cost, alongside the emotional and financial toll and time lost if something was to happen.

Matrix Security is one of the few companies that can offer a complete security consultation that considers all technologies to ensure your total security requirements are met. We’re also big enough to be there when needed, and small enough to care. It’s about seeing the bigger picture of the issues you face, and finding a solution to answer them.

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Internet Protocol monitoring, known as IP monitoring, is when the alarm communicates with our centralised monitoring station through your internet connection. Many alarm systems can also be accessed via apps on your mobile devices.

IP Alarm Monitoring

While land-line alarm monitoring is a proven, reliable and cost-effective way of monitoring your alarm system, it is becoming increasingly common for homes and businesses to no longer have a traditional phone line, and instead, simply have an internet connection for both voice calls and data.

Anyone with an IP enabled alarm can access their security systems from anywhere, check the status of their home and arm/disarm different zones of their home or business. These reports can enable you to view when your children come home from school, when trades people, cleaners or staff enter and leave, and if the alarm is constantly communicating to our monitoring centre.


Why is IP monitoring the way forward?

IP monitoring is the fastest and most reliable option for homes and businesses that do not have landlines (and even those that do!). The alarm is capable of reporting events directly over the internet (IP reporting).

Combining this with Matrix Security’s prompt attendance to call outs, averaging well under ten minutes, this is the best option for the security of the things you value the most – your home and family. Convenience and control are all at your fingertips, allowing you to take a more proactive role in the security of your home and business. The way forward is future proofing your home and business – investing in the technologies of today that will take you and your family into a more seamless future.


This technology features:

• Android and Apple apps for instant access
• Wireless alarm monitoring
• Alarm signals transmitted through your broadband connection
• Suitable for homes and businesses

Benefits at your Fingertips:

• Arm and disarm your security system through your smart device
• Instant remote access
• Convenience and control
• Mobility – Access your security system anywhere, anytime
• Transparency – Log reports of your alarm activations
• Affordable
• Faster and more reliable reporting of events
• Future proofing your home and/or business