As we enter 2022, we have invested time reflecting on the past year and, more importantly, to where we are headed as a business. While some facets of the workplace have changed permanently, many aspects of our business remain unchanged. We have been responsive to ever-changing needs of customers while keeping a sense of normality. In the face of uncertainties, we continued to adapt and improvise to keep delivering a market leading service while looking after our people. 

The unique circumstances of the past two years have influenced our approach to operations and seen us play key roles in supporting New Zealand’s covid response and supply chains. It has reinforced our overall goal to stand out as a premium service provider that is highly accredited in training, operational standards, and workplace safety. 

Our values remain the foundation of how we do business: safety, professionalism, integrity, communication, and enthusiasm. For our people, this means our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace and achieving Living Wage Accreditation. For our customers, it is about building upon our high service culture and leading the way in delivering new security technologies.

This is an incredibly exciting time to be an essential service and our 28 years’ experience is proving invaluable in meeting evolving demands. 

To celebrate a new year and evolving direction, we are launching this refreshed client communication. Our objective is to share with you the latest in security trends, insights, and outcomes. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts with our Chief Commercial Officer, Angela Hunter, at

I would like to acknowledge and thank you for your support and trust. I am also grateful to our talented teams who are committed to delivering outstanding service.

Nga Mihi | Kind Regards,
Scott J Carter

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Security Alarms and Video Surveillance

We have been experiencing an increased demand for information around updating alarm and video surveillance systems and are frequently asked what the best solution on the market is. Our team of technicians is skilled and experienced in the design, installation and maintenance of a variety of systems that cater for all environments and budgets. The best place to start is to have one of our experienced consultants attend on site, review your specific requirements and come up with a plan.

“Hi David, I have found your team as well as the rest of the teams in Matrix very easy to work with. Whether it is a simple as a system fault or a new installation I have found you and your team quick to respond, with great advice or speedy response to any faults.

Well presented and all have a great work ethic and understand what we have reported or asked about.

I have been impressed with the team in ensuring that all is operating as it should be before they leave for their next job, including the diagnostic and physical checks. Also their knowledge of our systems and our requirements is quite extensive, which provides us with a lot of confidence in your systems and recommendations.”

– Peter

Peter Hargraves

“Fast and efficient upgrade to the old alarm – very professional team who did an outstanding job – nice to have the security system back on line again.”

– Stephen & Kay

Stephen & Kay Foley

To find out more about the right solution for your home, call Alex, Ravina or Angela on 09 525 8532 or email

Security Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring via the Internet

We keep talking about the fact land-line alarm monitoring is fast becoming unavailable as copper networks are withdrawn. It is becoming more important to consider options now as withdrawals have begun with several exchanges in Auckland and we have been advised services will be withdrawn in the coming months. We will be communicating directly with our clients who are impacted outlining the options. It is not a complex process and, in many instances, the solution we provide is more cost effective and feature rich than copper. 

For clarity, Internet Protocol monitoring, known as IP monitoring, is when the alarm communicates with our centralised monitoring station through your internet connection. Many alarm systems can also be accessed via apps on your mobile devices.

Anyone with an IP enabled alarm can access their security systems from anywhere, check the status of their home and arm/disarm different zones of their home or business. These reports can enable you to view when your children come home from school, when trades people, cleaners or staff enter and leave, and if the alarm is constantly communicating to our monitoring centre.

You can read more here:

“Had the Permaconn unit installed… It went perfectly and a great answer to our copper phone line no longer in service.”

– Chris & Shirley

Chris & SHirley McCarthy

Crime Statistics

For those interested, New Zealand Police provide access to Police crime data through a number of interactive reports. 

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Matrix Security’s staff celebrating the end of 2021 with the Staff Christmas Party, as well as the presentation of the Employee Recognition Awards: