Video surveillance is an essential part of the security toolkit. The advantages are well understood, from deterring would-be thieves and vandals through to protecting assets (and capturing the occasional funny moment:

However, those grainy images that we are so familiar with from Police Ten 7 are now a thing of the past. Today, video surveillance systems allow for high-resolution images, capturing sound and real-time motion alerts. The software that accompanies the solution, or the cameras themselves, can deliver a suite of artificial intelligence features helping organisations gain a better understanding of their customers and operations.

Vehicle registration recognition is becoming more common place to identify stolen vehicles, manage traffic flow and wrong way detection and to grant entry. 

Facial recognition is being used in the health and finance sectors enables the identification of VIPs and trespassed individuals.

People counting and heat mapping to optimise staffing levels, track responses to promotions, plan transport schedules and gain further information on a customer base is growing as business looks to optimise the investment in security technology.

The system can tag every object for fast easy searches by face, colour, vehicle, backpack etc.

Two-way audio allows users to speak and listen directly through high-definition cameras.

In short, the continued development of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence will provide greater value to consumers and as it is increasingly adopted, the benefits will reach a wider audience and transform the security market. Our team of experienced consultants can assist you in determining the best solution for your business or home.

Scott J. Carter,
CEO, Matrix Security

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Providing opportunity for our people

This month we press play on “Our People in Focus” Series – a closer look at the journeys of the many faces that make up the Matrix Security team – their progression, challenges and rewards.

First in focus, Daniel Walters, Operations Manager Waitemata, shares his step into a new career path, the realities of working in an essential service industry and the opportunities it provides.

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Criminal activity doesn’t stand still – neither should your security

Our mobile patrols provide an essential layer of prevention and protection, giving business owners and their surrounding community peace of mind knowing their business is secure.

Additional benefits include:

  • Visibly deterring – officers in marked cars and uniforms are easily recognised.
  • Multiple surveillance locations – officers patrol multiple areas of a premise on foot and in cars. 
  • Multiple security checks – officers conduct external and internal checks ensuring everyone and everything on site is secure.
  • Cost-effective – You choose the scope of officers’ work.

Security Patrol & Guards Service

Hello fibre, goodbye copper – monitoring your alarm

Copper networks across Auckland regions are being withdrawn and replaced with fibre. 

For those customers impacted by the withdrawals, it’s essential you speak with our team before the switch, to ensure your alarm monitoring continuation is seamless.

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Home protection – it’s time to reflect

For business owners, protecting your assets and people doesn’t begin and end at work – and extending this to your home and family is just as important for peace-of-mind living.

Our residential Green Reflector Service is the perfect residential security service and provides all-round protection and assurance.

The elite level home protection service provides 24/7 protection – including unlimited patrol officer dispatches to alarm activations (our average time to site is 10minutes), a daily drive-by patrol, alarm monitoring and property checks. 

Until the 31st August, sign-up yourself or refer a friend and you’ll both receive a $50 Farro voucher.

Green Reflector Service

Boosting your business’ physical security – a team effort!

A comprehensive workplace security strategy protects you, your staff & clients, as well as your business and assets. 

Our ‘7 Way’s to Improve Your Business’ Physical Security’ article delivers solid advice on how you could develop a comprehensive strategy for your business including: risk assessment, video surveillance and controlled access.

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