Home Security Service Really Delivers

Crime operates around the clock, and is not bound to suburb or street. Which is why home security needs to lead from the front – to keep families and neighbourhoods safe and assured.

Matrix Security’s Green Reflector Service is a response to this ever-growing need for all-inclusive integrated protection: 24/7 alarm monitoring, assistance, and response; daily drive-by patrolling; exclusive customer security app with added benefits; and a Holiday Hotlist boost.

All the security essentials that bring both greater peace-of-mind to our people – and their communities – like Auckland-based Matrix Security Green Reflector Service customer, Cory Gordon and his family.

“When we were building our home there were a lot of break ins and suspicious activity reported in our area, and because we have a very active community Facebook page, we’re all kept up-to-date,” explains Cory. “Our own building site was broken into one evening and if it hadn’t been for a neighbour alerting us to a strange van, we wouldn’t have been so lucky. With a young family, pets and busy lives, we knew we needed security beyond a house alarm – we needed an extra set of eyes.”

“You feel vulnerable with young kids to protect, and the patrol officers get that because they see us, they know us, they’re not just looking out for our house, they’re looking out for us.” undiscovered – and could see immediately he was in no physical state to get himself to safety or to alert someone.”

Visually, the Matrix green cat’s eye at the front of the Gordon’s house is a strong deterrent, but it’s the daily drive-by patrols in a fully branded Matrix Security vehicle – who patrol at random times of the day – that keeps would-be opportunists at bay, and the Gordon family feeling secure, says Cory.

“Their high visibility is an additional boost of protection for our entire street – our community – not just our home and family. You feel vulnerable with young kids to protect, and the patrol officers get that because they see us, they know us, they’re looking out for us. They’ll give us a wave; they’ll stop and have a chat. I’ve even had a knock on the door at 9.30pm from a guard who informed me my car windows were down.” it’s what any Matrix Security officer would do.”

Service that surpasses expectations and is prompt on communication, was another Green Reflector Service drawcard for the Gordon family.

“If the house alarm is activated, I get a call within about 1 minute from the Matrix Security team informing me they’ve received an alert and they’re sending a patrol if it wasn’t us who activated it – no charge. The same goes with the internet – there’s been times when it’s gone down and within the minute Matrix Security will ring me letting me know the alarm’s offline,” says Cory. “As a Green Reflector Service customer, we also have the security app Paradox on hand, this provides remote reporting on alarm sensor functionality – I can even open and close my garage door using the app!”

It’s the personal approach to security that really makes the Green Reflector Service worth its weight in protection, says Cory. Not just watchful eyes and reliable monitoring – but service that’s centred around you.

“We have a shield of security that’s attuned to how we live – and we know we can rely on Matrix’s services to adapt and flex to our needs. If we want extra patrols when we are away, they’ll make it happen with additional Holiday Hotlist services. They’ll even collect and store our mail. It’s exceptional security – no exceptions.”