It’s amazing how a quiet chat and the sight of a uniform can deter anti social behaviour. Working with the Henderson Lincoln Business Association (HLBA), Matrix’s friendly security officers patrolled the local shopping area in the lead up to Christmas, making sure shoppers and business owners felt safe and secure. It must have been a very happy Christmas vibe they were sending as no violent crime was reported during the period that our officers were present on the streets.

Henderson featured a lot in the news last year – not always for the right reasons. A high incidence of crimes against people and property were reported, leading to Henderson being named as one of Auckland’s suburbs where people feel least safe. Graffiti and intimidating behaviour were just some of the issues facing the community.

With Christmas approaching, shoppers scarce, and business owners apprehensive, the HLBA sought the help of Matrix Security.

We put a number of our experienced and trained officers on the job. With a reputation for being able to manage conflict, and being seen as figures of authority in their uniforms, our officers set about engaging with the local community. Often, a word and a smile diffused simmering tension and, by getting to know the locals, we were able to understand and resolve discontent before it could potentially escalate.

Local business owners noticed an immediate impact. They reported an increase in foot traffic and, importantly, customers were spending more. The business owners themselves reported feeling safer during the period our officers were patrolling the area.

Our successful partnering with the local business association was personally and professionally rewarding for our officers. This was a job with a high “feel good” factor!