With the help of Matrix Security, we find out how two Auckland schools are doing their best to provide a safe, friendly, open environment for learning, as well as protecting their valuable school property.

Our officers are very familiar with the grounds and the boys at Dilworth School in Epsom. We’ve worked with the Dilworth community for 15 years keeping the boys, staff and school property secure – and even catching out some scallywag boarders hanging out on the rooftops!

More recently, we’ve advised King’s College in Otahuhu of steps to improve security. We are regularly patrolling their school grounds and highly visible at the gates during times of high traffic. With this initiative and other deterrent measures, King’s continues its ‘low security incidence’ record.

Having our uniformed officers walking the school grounds makes staff and students feel safe and can deter spur-of-the-moment crime.

We have also worked with security consultants and the schools to install video surveillance cameras for improved security in key areas and fitted additional lighting around the school grounds. But it’s not all about technology: installing gates and repairing fences makes a difference. Often enhanced signage letting people know that we are out and on the job is enough to make someone think twice.

Our highly visible officers also provide additional security at large school events such as rugby games, and we are only a phone call away should an incident arise at any other time.