Matrix Security has embarked on a large scale access control and alarm system installation. Selected by the Well Connected Alliance, Matrix Security joined forces with the Waterview Connection Project – one of New Zealand’s most important infrastructure developments. The project will have a massive impact on the way people travel around and through Auckland and Matrix Security are proud to play a part in its significance.

With an early 2017 completion date, the ambitious project includes two three-lane underground motorways reaching 2.5km in length. The project required the expertise of Matrix Security who has a best practise reputation with access control and alarm systems.  “We will primarily be installing an access control system involving 31 doors spread amongst each of the two vent buildings for the tunnels – one vent building for each tunnel,” explains David Robertson of Matrix. Security. “The access control system will be connected to NZTA’s servers and to the fire alarm system so doors can be released in the event of an emergency.”

Costing NZ$1.4b, the Waterview project is reliant on efficiency and sound workmanship. It’s completion will mean an additional 48kms of roading linking SH20 and SH16 roads, and a new motorway ring route around the City of Sails, positioning Auckland as a world class city.

Tunnel Facts and Figures. To bring it to life, there is . . .

  • 4km long bored tunnels, up to 45m below the surface
  • 16 cross passages connecting the tunnels, in case of emergency
  • 64 jet fans and ventilation system
  • Automated monitoring, lighting, communication and fire fighting systems

With installation well underway, there’s an expectation the systems installed will add to the perfect project pass-rate achieved from New Zealand Security Association audits – a reputation Matrix Security works hard to achieve.

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