A young man persistently trying to board a boat unauthorised at an Auckland marina recently found himself in cuffs after attempting to outwit the Matrix Security officer on site.

Following an attempt to hoodwink the security officer to access the boat, the man was asked to leave when he could not prove he was authorised to be at the boating club. He did so reluctantly, after briefly testing the courage of the security officer and discovering back-up was nearby.

Less than an hour later the offender returned and was immediately given a verbal trespass notice, then he left again. Unfortunately for him, the story did not end here.

Later the same evening the young man again attempted to get to the boat; this time attempting to sneak past security fencing and video surveillance. His plan was foiled once more. As soon as he entered the marina he activated a perimeter alarm and was followed by the Matrix Security officer using the surveillance camera system while back up security patrols and the Police were on their way.

The police were led to the boat the offender was seen entering and made a straight-forward arrest after the man confessed to trespassing.