A number of old alarm systems are becoming obsolete as technology evolves including the move to fibre.  New alarm systems offer more options and control than ever before.

Rather than wait till you urgently need to upgrade due to faults or removal of copper lines talk to us about upgrading now.

Some options unique to modern alarm systems include:

  • Touch Screen keypad
  • Cell phone App control that allows remote arming and disarming
  • Monitoring via internet or cellular networks so you don’t require a landline.
  • Easy to add or relocate wireless sensors
  • A range of purpose built sensors less prone to false activation.
  • Smoke and Heat Detectors designed to protect your assets when you are not there.
  • Pet Friendly Sensors
  • Camera Sensors
  • External Perimeter Sensors

Did you know you can use Gem Visa to get 6 months interest free on purchases over $250?  If you are thinking about upgrading your alarm system but would rater pay later, find out more about Gem Visa here.