Video surveillance is an essential part of the security toolkit. The advantages are well understood, from deterring would-be thieves and vandals to protecting your company’s assets. However, those grainy images that we are so familiar with from Police Ten 7 are now a thing of the past. Today, video surveillance systems allow for real-time alerts and high-resolution images. Plus, they can be monitored remotely, by a monitoring specialist or from your own smart-phone. 

Matrix Security has seen a significant increase in requests for the installation of video surveillance solutions. Our clients are looking for systems that act as a deterrent and capture evidence.

If you are installing video surveillance for the first time, or are looking to upgrade, here are the latest trends to look out for.

Cameras: Make sure the cameras have high-resolution capabilities. New-generation digital systems allow security operators to see what’s happening in and around your business premises more clearly. Motion blur is reduced, and low light imaging ensures even the darkest corner is visible. Plus, captured images are clearer for easier identification and use in any police or legal action. 

AI-driven, real-time alerts: Modern surveillance systems have advanced from the simple monitoring solutions of old. Many are now driven by cutting-edge AI (artificial intelligence). These sophisticated systems allow for enhanced situational monitoring and pre-emptive detection. Nowadays, there is less emphasis on reactive monitoring and more on data gathering and real-time alerts. 

Recording: Cloud storage and video compression tools mean you can record video for longer periods. Make sure your system allows for higher frame rates for more fluid motion during playback. These tools also give you faster, more streamlined access to your recordings. 

Remote access: With hybrid working now the norm, it’s vital your video surveillance system can be accessed remotely. Connected systems reduce the need for on-site personnel and callouts. Plus, Covid isolation requirements are starting to impact many businesses. And remote access helps you do more with less personnel. 

User interface: With more video cameras and recorded video to manage, a user-friendly interface is a must. The latest interfaces can simultaneously display video on several monitors. Plus, users have control over video walls and can view monitors remotely. 

Analytics: Best-of-breed surveillance systems are capable of providing a wealth of data relevant to your business. It could be occupant headcounts or user movements. We know of one company that has integrated its surveillance to allow camera recordings associated with point-of-sale transactions.

Selecting the right video surveillance system can be a daunting task. The Matrix Security team is available to give you expert help and advice when you need it most. 

We will shortly be launching a Video Verification service. The service captures a 30-second video clip from the nearest camera when an alarm is triggered. It delivers the clip directly to qualified agents in our monitoring centre how will determine the next course of action. Response times are faster where the dispatch of a patrol unit or police is required, and images allow better qualification of the incident to reduce responses triggered by false alarms. This solution will be available soon.

Video surveillance is the first line of protection for many businesses. Are you confident your system is fit for purpose? Get in touch with the team for a consultation and give yourself that all-important peace of mind.